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Costing, pricing, benchmarking of IT services circa 4 anni fa Moderato


This collaboration area is intended to enable knowledge transfer among participants about costing, pricing and benchmarking of academic IT services.

Crash-Kurs Français oltre 5 anni fa Password protetta


Dossier avec des matériaux pour vous de ma part...

Crop_science_ETH circa un mese fa Password protetta


Gruppen Wiki der Gruppe Crop Science, Prof. Achim Walter, ETH Zürich

Digital Identity Management in National Education Systems oltre un anno fa Moderato


Digital Identity Management (IdM) in education is a complex topic related to several issues, such as education as a sovereign duty, giving and having access to services and resources, aspects of privacy or new methods for learning analytics. Different concepts and visions exist across European countries. Some countries already have successfully deployed IdM systems while others are less advanced with their reflections.

Distributed Classroom 5 mesi fa Aperto


Zusammenarbeit und Dokumentation für das AAA-Projekt "Didactics and Technology for the Distributed Classroom"

DLCM 3 mesi fa Privato


Virtual space for sharing documents within the context of the CUS-P2 DLCM project

docendo experten circa 3 anni fa Moderato

Dozierende_BildungundErziehung_HS12 oltre 7 anni fa Password protetta

DSB - Arbeitsgruppe Digitale Schulbibliothek circa 6 anni fa Password protetta


Diese Toolbox-Gruppe soll den Mitgliedern der DSB-Arbeitsgruppe die nötigen Dokumente und Infos für die Ressourcenbeschreibung zur Verfügung stellen sowie dem gegenseitigen Austasch dienen.

Dokumentationen: in der File Storage
Kurzanleitung: im Wiki

E-Portfolio Champions oltre un anno fa Moderato


Ein Gruppe für Leute die E-Portfolios in ihrem Unterricht einsetzen.

e-xcellence Test oltre 8 anni fa Password protetta oltre un anno fa Moderato

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