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E-Portfolio Champions plus d'un an Modéré


Ein Gruppe für Leute die E-Portfolios in ihrem Unterricht einsetzen. plus d'un an Modéré

Connexion information & documentation

edulap plus d'un an Modéré


The SWITCH Toolbox group "Educational Landscape Psychology" (edulap) has been created for people who want to share experiences or news about the search and orientation platform for e-learning material, called edulap. Furthermore, this group could also be used to work together on specific topics, post wishes for future developments or discussion about the usage of edulap.

You will find further information about the project and the service here:

Learning Infrastructure 2013 plus d'un an Privé


Workspace for the project Learning Infrastructure.

This workspace is shared by the project management (Rolf Brugger, Petra Kauer) and the work package (WP) leaders and their deputies to organize the project.

All official information will be collected in the wiki workspace, and distributed via the mailing list

Other WP members can be added to the workspace upon request by the respective WP leader (send requests to the project management:

eID-PLE-2013 plus d'un an Modéré


Group to prepare a project proposal for 2013 for the topics e-identity, personal learning environment, e-portfolio.

UniL Test Group 2012 plus d'un an Modéré


espace pour tester les outils et fonctionnalités de la toolbox

eDidactics plus d'un an Ouvert


Für den edidactics Kurs

IVP_FS2013_V-6_Sport1_Seminar Berger/Schluep plus d'un an Ouvert

Pooling HEB mit ZHAW 2018 plus d'un an Privé


Diese Plattform dient zum Austausch von Dokumenten für das Pooling ZHAW und BFH 2018

Swiss Biobanking Platform environ 2 ans Privé


The Swiss Biobanking Platform is a SNSF funded project to foster cooperation of biobanks in Switzerland.

Corrosion plus de 2 ans Modéré


Communauté de recherche et d'échanges technologiques dédié aux problématiques de corrosion et tribocorrosion

Swiss Hospital Clinical Research Data warehouse plus de 2 ans Privé


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