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Schneesportwochenende 2018 3 months ago Open


Infos und Diskussionsplatz rund um's SWITCH Schneesportwochenende 2018 in Davos

SWITCHengines 5 months ago Open


Group for Service owners at SWITCHengines customer institutions

TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive Pilot with SWITCH 5 months ago Open


Terena Trusted Cloud Storage pilot, parties interested in the pilot share their information with SWITCH here

Digital Identity Management in National Education Systems 6 months ago Moderated


Digital Identity Management (IdM) in education is a complex topic related to several issues, such as education as a sovereign duty, giving and having access to services and resources, aspects of privacy or new methods for learning analytics. Different concepts and visions exist across European countries. Some countries already have successfully deployed IdM systems while others are less advanced with their reflections.

SBP Working Group Liquid 7 months ago Private


Develop common Policy/practice to facilitate a coordinated vision for liquid biobank within Switzerland
& promote the existence of human liquid collections and provide practical mechanisms for potential users

Swiss Biobanking Platform 7 months ago Private


The Swiss Biobanking Platform is a SNSF funded project to foster cooperation of biobanks in Switzerland.

Corrosion 9 months ago Moderated


Communauté de recherche et d'échanges technologiques dédié aux problématiques de corrosion et tribocorrosion

Staatsrechtsvorlesung HS 16/FS 17 10 months ago Password protected


Aufnahmen der Vorlesungen:

Swiss Hospital Clinical Research Data warehouse 11 months ago Private

Mail-WG 12 months ago Moderated


The mail working group addresses questions for people involved in operational mail issues, limited to SWITCH network customers.

Comité de pilotage Master in Management about 1 year ago Private

eDidactics about 1 year ago Open


Für den edidactics Kurs


No SWITCHaai account? Create a Swiss edu-ID.

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