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docendo experten 8 months ago Moderated

SIG Open Educational Resources 9 months ago Moderated


This SIG on Open Educational Ressources (OER) is intended for people who deal with the conceptional and practical aspects of creating, sharing and re-using OER.

Digital Identity Management in National Education Systems 9 months ago Moderated


Digital Identity Management (IdM) in education is a complex topic related to several issues, such as education as a sovereign duty, giving and having access to services and resources, aspects of privacy or new methods for learning analytics. Different concepts and visions exist across European countries. Some countries already have successfully deployed IdM systems while others are less advanced with their reflections.

BA-Team-Hofer 12 months ago Open

Official SWITCHtoolbox News about 1 year ago Moderated


This is the official SWITCHtoolbox Group. If you wan't to be up-to-date with the latest News about SWITCHtoolbox, you should be Member of this group.

PEChouse3 about 1 year ago Moderated


PEChouse3 project group

IVP_HS 2013_Mathematik about 1 year ago Open

UniL Test Group 2012 about 1 year ago Moderated


espace pour tester les outils et fonctionnalités de la toolbox

IVP_HS_Cours magistral de français 1 about 1 year ago Open

IdPv3 MFA about 1 year ago Moderated


Analysis of multi-factor authentication with Shibboleth Identity Provider version 3 with the goal of building a demonstrator for Swiss Edu-ID.

Project tools:
- wiki hosts all documents
- Discourse for long discussions
- mailing list for announcements
- Redmine for task tracking

Costing, pricing, benchmarking of IT services over 1 year ago Moderated


This collaboration area is intended to enable knowledge transfer among participants about costing, pricing and benchmarking of academic IT services.

Schnee-Wochenende 2016 over 1 year ago Moderated


Dies ist die Plattform für den Informationsaustausch im Zusammenhang mit dem SWITCH Schnee-Wochenende 2016.


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