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Mail-WG 2 months ago Moderated


The mail working group addresses questions for people involved in operational mail issues, limited to SWITCH network customers.

SIG SwissMOOC 2 months ago Moderated


This Special Interest Group aims to support members from the Swiss E-Learning Community to implement MOOCs at their institution.

SAMoo 2 months ago Moderated


The Swiss Academic Moodle Community (SAMoo) was created in June 2010 to serve as a platform for Swiss Universities to exchange knowledge and best practices in didactic and technical fields related to Moodle. We will start new projects and coordinate activities together. SAMoo is organized as an informal community and aimed at e-learning support center leaders of Swiss Universities.

SWITCHengines 2 months ago Open


Group for Service owners at SWITCHengines customer institutions

Crop_science_ETH 3 months ago Password protected


Gruppen Wiki der Gruppe Crop Science, Prof. Achim Walter, ETH Zürich

Comité de pilotage Master in Management 3 months ago Private

Schneesportwochenende 2017 4 months ago Open

Swiss Biobanking Platform 4 months ago Private


The Swiss Biobanking Platform is a SNSF funded project to foster cooperation of biobanks in Switzerland.

SBP Working Group Liquid 4 months ago Private


Develop common Policy/practice to facilitate a coordinated vision for liquid biobank within Switzerland
& promote the existence of human liquid collections and provide practical mechanisms for potential users

BORIS Editors 4 months ago Open


Über die Mailingliste BORIS Editors werden Informationen zu BORIS versandt, die für Editorinnen und Editoren relevant sind. Editorinnen und Editoren können über die Liste aber auch Fragen stellen oder beantworten, die dann an alle Listenmitglieder gehen.
Der Eintrag in die Liste wird daher vom BORIS-Team dringend empfohlen.

eDidactics 4 months ago Open


Für den edidactics Kurs

IVP_HS_V6_Französisch2 4 months ago Open


No SWITCHaai account? Create a Swiss edu-ID.

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