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SIG SwissMOOC about 1 month ago Moderated


This Special Interest Group aims to support members from the Swiss E-Learning Community to implement MOOCs at their institution.

IVP_HS_V6_Allgemeine Didaktik_Vorlesung about 1 month ago Open

Staatsrechtsvorlesung HS 16/FS 17 3 months ago Password protected


Aufnahmen der Vorlesungen:

DLCM 3 months ago Private


Virtual space for sharing documents within the context of the CUS-P2 DLCM project

Crop_science_ETH 3 months ago Password protected


Gruppen Wiki der Gruppe Crop Science, Prof. Achim Walter, ETH Zürich

TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive Pilot with SWITCH 3 months ago Open


Terena Trusted Cloud Storage pilot, parties interested in the pilot share their information with SWITCH here

SIG Digital Collaboration 4 months ago Private


The SIG Digital Collaboration is focusing on new needs and current /future trends for a "smart" collaboration. While e-Collaboration relies more or less on electronic tools, digital collaboration should incorporate smart technologies that make the user's work easier, more intuitive or deeply immersive.

SWITCHengines 4 months ago Open


Group for Service owners at SWITCHengines customer institutions

G3-Bibliothèque 4 months ago Open


Espace de collaboration pour les bibliothèques du G3

Mathematisches Denken auslösen und begleiten 5 months ago Open

Distributed Classroom 6 months ago Open


Zusammenarbeit und Dokumentation für das AAA-Projekt "Didactics and Technology for the Distributed Classroom"

Digital Identity Management in National Education Systems 7 months ago Moderated


Digital Identity Management (IdM) in education is a complex topic related to several issues, such as education as a sovereign duty, giving and having access to services and resources, aspects of privacy or new methods for learning analytics. Different concepts and visions exist across European countries. Some countries already have successfully deployed IdM systems while others are less advanced with their reflections.


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