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NMM3_Seminar_Raum_Lebenswelten almost 7 years ago Password protected

NMM2_Seminare almost 6 years ago Password protected

Netflow data future over 6 years ago Moderated


Moving the netflow archive from ETH to the cloud infrstructure in Switch

MvKTest over 7 years ago Moderated


Dies ist ein Test

Modul_NMM3_V6_MS almost 6 years ago Password protected

Meine Gruppe almost 6 years ago Password protected


Meine Beschreibung

Mathematisches Denken auslösen und begleiten 9 days ago Open

Mail-WG over 2 years ago Moderated


The mail working group addresses questions for people involved in operational mail issues, limited to SWITCH network customers.

LK MS almost 8 years ago Password protected

Lizards over 4 years ago Moderated


Research Data Management is the focus of this group. Everybody interested in the topic is invited to join.

Learning Infrastructure 2013 about 1 year ago Private


Workspace for the project Learning Infrastructure.

This workspace is shared by the project management (Rolf Brugger, Petra Kauer) and the work package (WP) leaders and their deputies to organize the project.

All official information will be collected in the wiki workspace, and distributed via the mailing list

Other WP members can be added to the workspace upon request by the respective WP leader (send requests to the project management:

Kerngruppe Social Media about 4 years ago Private


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