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scopes almost 6 years ago Private


SCOPES proposal

Schweizerisches Staatsrecht 2014/2015 over 3 years ago Password protected

Schneesportwochenende 2018 5 months ago Open


Infos und Diskussionsplatz rund um's SWITCH Schneesportwochenende 2018 in Davos

Schneesportwochenende 2017 6 months ago Open

Schnee-Wochenende 2016 6 months ago Moderated


Dies ist die Plattform für den Informationsaustausch im Zusammenhang mit dem SWITCH Schnee-Wochenende 2016.

SBP Working Group Liquid about 1 year ago Private


Develop common Policy/practice to facilitate a coordinated vision for liquid biobank within Switzerland
& promote the existence of human liquid collections and provide practical mechanisms for potential users

Sache-Sprache-Gestalten almost 7 years ago Password protected

repo_tech_ch 29 days ago Open


Mailing list for technical discussions related to repositories

Reflexionsgruppe 2 2010-2013 about 6 years ago Password protected

Reflexionsgruppe 1_ Elsinger / Berchtold over 6 years ago Password protected

Ref'gruppe 4 VUS Schwyter/Schorno over 6 years ago Password protected

PSC-Mercator Fellowships about 4 years ago Private


Project Documents for PSC Mercator Fellowships


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