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TERENA Trusted Cloud Drive Pilot with SWITCH 6 months ago Open


Terena Trusted Cloud Storage pilot, parties interested in the pilot share their information with SWITCH here

SyBIT over 6 years ago Password protected


This is the switchtoolbox space of the SyBIT project.

SWITCHprocure about 1 month ago Moderated

SWITCHengines 10 days ago Open


Group for Service owners at SWITCHengines customer institutions

Swiss Hospital Clinical Research Data warehouse almost 2 years ago Private

Swiss Biobanking Platform over 1 year ago Private


The Swiss Biobanking Platform is a SNSF funded project to foster cooperation of biobanks in Switzerland.

Staatsrechtsvorlesung HS18 13 days ago Password protected


Link zu den Aufzeichnungen der Vorlesungen:

Staatsrechtsvorlesung HS 16/FS 17 5 months ago Password protected


Aufnahmen der Vorlesungen:

Staatsrecht I HS 2013 over 3 years ago Password protected


Aufnahmen der Vorlesung Staatsrecht I HS 2013

SKG Arbeitsgruppe (Dshamilia, Brigitte, Annie, Stéphanie, Céline) almost 6 years ago Open


Hei, üsi gruppe isch eröffnet. Es geit ume arbeitsuftrag vom 9.okt. trättet bi und schribet. :)

SIG Video 26 days ago Private


Videos are increasingly present in the higher education teaching landscape. But it is difficult, both for higher education teachers and e-learning centres, to know what questions need to be addressed even before starting to plan a video project. These questions essentially cover the aspect of "planning the plan", where a vision for the role of video in higher education, as well as the related constraints are to be identified, developed or at least taken into account. Furthermore, it is difficult for people starting to produce video sequences, to find information and help for every stage of their projects.

SIG SwissMOOC about 1 month ago Moderated


This Special Interest Group aims to support members from the Swiss E-Learning Community to implement MOOCs at their institution.


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