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HEB Pooling mit ZHAW 2014 almost 5 years ago Moderated


Diese Plattform dient zum Austausch der Dokumente HEB, die von der BFH an die ZHAW gepoolt werden.

HEB Pooling ZHAW almost 6 years ago Private


In diesem Ordner hinterlegt die BFH die Unterlagen der Studierenden, welche durch das Pooling an der ZHAW immatrikuliert werden

HfH Test almost 7 years ago Password protected



hh_notizheft over 5 years ago Password protected

HS_11_V6_FR2_parcours_didactiques almost 5 years ago Open

HS_11_V_6_Productions_orales over 6 years ago Open

ict Focus Demo Group 2 about 5 years ago Password protected

IdPv3 MFA almost 3 years ago Moderated


Analysis of multi-factor authentication with Shibboleth Identity Provider version 3 with the goal of building a demonstrator for Swiss Edu-ID.

Project tools:
- wiki hosts all documents
- Discourse for long discussions
- mailing list for announcements
- Redmine for task tracking

IOC about 4 years ago Private

it regulars' table almost 7 years ago Moderated

IVP Gruppe almost 7 years ago Open

IVP Gruppe 2 almost 7 years ago Open


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