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Open Access Group Switzerland 3 days ago Moderated


Open Access Group Switzerland
- Mailing List
- File Storage

CAS Berufspraxis kompetent begleiten 5 days ago Open

SWITCHengines 5 days ago Open


Group for Service owners at SWITCHengines customer institutions

Staatsrechtsvorlesung HS19 28 days ago Password protected

Crop_science_ETH about 1 month ago Password protected


Gruppen Wiki der Gruppe Crop Science, Prof. Achim Walter, ETH Zürich

Schneesportwochenende 2017 about 1 month ago Open

Schnee-Wochenende 2016 about 1 month ago Moderated


Dies ist die Plattform für den Informationsaustausch im Zusammenhang mit dem SWITCH Schnee-Wochenende 2016.

IVP Gruppe about 1 month ago Open

Mathematisches Denken auslösen und begleiten about 1 month ago Open

DLCM 3 months ago Private


Virtual space for sharing documents within the context of the CUS-P2 DLCM project

Official SWITCHtoolbox News 3 months ago Moderated


This is the official SWITCHtoolbox Group. If you wan't to be up-to-date with the latest News about SWITCHtoolbox, you should be Member of this group.

Grid admin interface 3 months ago Private


Administrative interface for


No SWITCHaai account? Create a Swiss edu-ID.

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