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Distributed Classroom 1 day ago Open


Zusammenarbeit und Dokumentation für das AAA-Projekt "Didactics and Technology for the Distributed Classroom"

Open Access Group Switzerland 4 days ago Moderated


Open Access Group Switzerland
- Mailing List
- File Storage

Mathematisches Denken auslösen und begleiten 19 days ago Open

Staatsrechtsvorlesung HS 16/FS 17 19 days ago Password protected


Aufnahmen der Vorlesungen:

Swiss Hospital Clinical Research Data warehouse 20 days ago Private

SIG E-Collaboration 28 days ago Moderated


The aim of the SIG E-Collaboration is to establish a network of specialists in e-collaboration from different domains (teaching, research, e-learning, educational development and project management) and different universities. We want to exchange experiences and know-how on e-collaboration and implement projects together.

SIG Mobile Learning 29 days ago Moderated


The SIG Mobile Learning connects actors who innovate education and learning through the use of mobile and ubiquitous technologies in formal, non-formal and informal settings. Through this the SIG Mobile Learning increases the visibility for novel educational concepts for mobile learning and for the relevance for organizational practice. Further, the SIG activities will support the impact and the uptake of mobile learning projects on the Swiss education and training sector.

After joining the SIGN we ask new members to send a short self-introduction to the SIG's mailing list that tells something about themselves and their motivation being part of the SIG.

SIG E-Portfolio about 1 month ago Moderated


The aim of the SIG E-Portfolio is to determine the usage of e-portfolio elaborating pedagogical recommendations and defining if there is a common need for a national instance of an e-portfolio that would among other features cover lifelong storage. In order to do so, the SIG launched a survey to identify e-portfolio practices and needs and since then organizes workshops to focus on pedagogical and technological aspects.

DLCM about 1 month ago Private


Virtual space for sharing documents within the context of the CUS-P2 DLCM project

SIG E-Assessment about 1 month ago Moderated


The SIG E-Assessment pursues several goals:
- Lobbying for e-assessment (also for national funding programs)
- Information hub between people and institutions
- Coordination between universities, pool projects in e-assessment
- Updates of e-assessment portal (focus on technical and pedagogical topics)

SIG Video about 1 month ago Private


Videos are increasingly present in the higher education teaching landscape. But it is difficult, both for higher education teachers and e-learning centres, to know what questions need to be addressed even before starting to plan a video project. These questions essentially cover the aspect of "planning the plan", where a vision for the role of video in higher education, as well as the related constraints are to be identified, developed or at least taken into account. Furthermore, it is difficult for people starting to produce video sequences, to find information and help for every stage of their projects.

WG ICT Law about 1 month ago Password protected


Dokumenten-Repository der WG ICT Law Gruppe


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